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Wallowa Lake Camping: Your Ultimate Guide

Wallowa Lake is a beacon for outdoor enthusiasts in the heart of Oregon’s majestic landscape. This comprehensive guide is your doorway to exploring the serene beauty and diverse camping experiences of Wallowa Lake, from traditional tent sites to cozy cabins and RV-friendly spots.

Wallowa Lake Camping Map

Wallowa Lake Camping Map
Wallowa Lake Camping Map

Wallowa Lake Camping Fees

Site 1 – 50 Feet by 25 feet – $3800.  This site is next to the Trailhead Coffee drive-through.  There is a privacy fence and parking for two cars and an RV.

Site 2 – 65 Feet by 25 feet – $4000.  This site is 75 feet off the Wallowa Lake Highway and is next to the Site

Getting to Wallowa Lake

Directions and Best Times to Visit

In Northeast Oregon, Wallowa Lake is accessible from major cities like Portland and Boise. The optimal time to visit is between late spring and early fall, ensuring a blend of pleasant weather and the full bloom of nature.

Accessibility and Transportation

The lake is reachable by car, with clear signage guiding the way. Public transportation options are limited, so driving is recommended.

Camping Options at Wallowa Lake

Campgrounds Overview

Wallowa Lake State Park is the area’s crown jewel, offering well-maintained campsites with essential amenities like water and electricity. Private campgrounds in the vicinity also provide various accommodation options, catering to different preferences.

Reservations and Amenities

Reservations are highly recommended, especially during peak summer months. Campsites have basic amenities, including restroom facilities and showers, ensuring a comfortable stay.

Activities and Attractions

Outdoor Adventures

The area is a paradise for hikers, with the Wallowa Lake Trailhead as a gateway to numerous trails. The lake invites visitors to boating, fishing, and various water sports.

Nearby Attractions

The Wallowa Lake Tramway offers breathtaking aerial views, and the adjacent Eagle Cap Wilderness beckons the more adventurous souls.

Camping Tips and Best Practices

First-Time Visitor Advice

For newcomers, you must familiarize yourself with camping etiquette, including respecting noise levels and maintaining cleanliness.

Leave No Trace and Wildlife Safety

Adhering to Leave No Trace principles helps preserve the area’s natural beauty. Be bear-aware and store food securely.

Packing List and Preparation

Essential Gear and Supplies

Pack according to the weather, with layers being key. Remember essential camping gear, including a sturdy tent, sleeping bags, and a reliable cooking setup.

Food and Water Tips

Plan your meals and bring enough water, although potable water is available at the campgrounds.

Local Insights

Expert Advice

Speaking with local rangers or experienced campers can offer valuable insights into responsibly enjoying Wallowa Lake’s unique environment.

Regulations and Advisories

Stay updated with local regulations, particularly concerning campfires and wildlife interactions.


Camping at Wallowa Lake is more than just an escape; it’s an immersion into the heart of Oregon’s natural splendour. Please respect the environment and embrace the tranquillity it offers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wallowa Lake Camping

Q. What are the camping options available at Wallowa Lake?

Answer: Wallowa Lake offers a variety of camping options, including tent sites, RV spots, and cabin rentals. The primary campground is Wallowa Lake State Park, which provides amenities like water, electricity, and shower facilities.

Q. How can I make a reservation for camping at Wallowa Lake?

Answer: Reservations for Wallowa Lake camping can be made online through the Oregon State Parks website or by contacting the park directly. It’s advisable to book well in advance, especially for peak summer months.

Q. What is the best time to camp at Wallowa Lake?

Answer: The ideal time for camping at Wallowa Lake is late spring to early fall. During this period, the weather is generally pleasant, and the natural scenery is at its peak.

Q. Are there any activities available for campers at Wallowa Lake?

Answer: Yes, Wallowa Lake offers various activities such as hiking, boating, fishing, and wildlife viewing. The Wallowa Lake Trailhead provides access to numerous trails, and the lake is perfect for water sports.

Q. Is Wallowa Lake camping suitable for families with children?

Answer: Absolutely, Wallowa Lake is a family-friendly camping destination. The campgrounds offer safe and engaging environments for children, with plenty of outdoor activities suitable for all ages.

Q. What wildlife can I expect to see at Wallowa Lake?

Answer: The area around Wallowa Lake is home to diverse wildlife, including deer, eagles, and, occasionally, bears. Campers are advised to follow safety guidelines regarding wildlife encounters.

Q. Are there any specific regulations I should know while camping at Wallowa Lake?

Answer: Yes, campers should be aware of regulations regarding fire safety, noise levels, and wildlife interactions. Always check the latest guidelines from Wallowa Lake State Park or local authorities.

Q. What should I pack for camping at Wallowa Lake?

Answer: Essential items for camping at Wallowa Lake include a tent, sleeping bags, cooking gear, appropriate clothing for varying weather, and food supplies. Remember to bring water, although potable water is available on-site.

Q. Can I bring my pet to Wallowa Lake campgrounds?

Answer: Pets are generally allowed in Wallowa Lake campgrounds, but they must be kept on a leash and supervised at all times. Please check specific pet policies before your visit.

Q. Is there cell phone reception at Wallowa Lake campgrounds?

Answer: Cell phone reception can be spotty at Wallowa Lake, especially in more remote areas. Preparing for limited connectivity and enjoying the opportunity to disconnect is advisable.

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