All-in-1 Lake Perris Camping Guide – Lake Perris Camping, Campgrounds, Reservations, Etc. [Must Read]

Are You planning for a Lake Perris Camping trip? If yes, then this is a must-read guide for you. In this guide, I will be sharing everything you need to know for Perris lake camping, i.e., Lake Perris camping reservations, campgrounds, boat rentals, fairgrounds. I will also be sharing my experience while camping at Lake Perris. so let’s begin with lake Perris,

Lake Perris

Lake Perris camping
Lake Camping

Lake Perris is an artificial lake that was completed in 1973. Lake Perris is the southern terminus of the California state water project, Located in the mountain-rimmed valley between Perris and Moreno Valley, which now is known as Lake Perris State Recreation Area.

Some Important points about lake Perris

  • An artificial reef that exists on the lake floor is made of old tyres; the reef was created so that it can provide habitat for fishes.
  • Perris lake is a habitat for animals like Mule deer, roadrunners, bobcats, deer’s, and rattlesnake, though most tend to shy away from people.
  • Perris Lake is a Hotspot for Freshwater fishing games. You can easily find a wide variety of freshwater fishes at Perris lake
  • Some of the Perris lake recreation activities include -Fishing, picnicking, horse-back riding, swimming, cycling, and rock climbing.

Lake Perris camping

lake perris camping

Lake Perris Camping can be a lifetime memorable experience. My family and I went to Perris lake camping during the summers. We all had a lot of beautiful memories while camping at Lake Perris. You can enjoy many activities like windsurfing, swimming, fishing, boating, and lots of other activities. Now Let’s talk About lake Perris Campgrounds.

Lake Perris campgrounds

Lake Perris campground is, also known as Luiseno Campground, is located in the Lake Perris state recreation area, situated 11 miles southeast of the riverside. Lake Perris campground
Provide many recreation activities such as boating, fishing, windsurfing, etc. Apart from them, they also provide fantastic lake Perris camping opportunities. During the summer,
Perris Lake’s new waterpark features colorful inflatable floating play structures.


Some crucial Points about Lake Perris Campground / Lake Perris Campsites

  • Lake Perris campground have areas that can accommodate Tent, RVs, and trailers.
  • There are a total number of 431 Campsites that are suitable for Perris lake camping
  • There are 177 tent camping sites divided into 4 loops, i.e., Quail(2), Roadrunner, and Bobcat.
  • A total of 254 Campsites are designated for lake Perris RV camping, located in 2 loops, i.e., Coyote and Deer.
  • The Rv area has electric and water hook-ups campsites.
  • Lake Perris also offers 7 primitive Equestrian campsites separate from the Main Campground
  • All campsites at lake Perris campground only allow max no. of 6 people per campsite
  • Lake Perris campgrounds also have 6 Group campsites for Lake Perris group camping

Lake Perris Campground + lake Perris camping reservations fees

Tent campsite (Summer)-$32
Tent Campsite (Winter)-$27
Hook-up sites(Summer)-$49
Hook-up sites(Winter)-$39
Equestrian sites-$25
Group Sites-$300
lake Perris camping reservation charge -$8

Vehicle charge-Additional fee for every 2nd vehicle

Lake Perris Waterpark charges

  • Adult-$15
  • Children-$10
  • Children(Below 7yrs)-$5

Lake Perris Camping Reservation guidelines

-Lake Perris Camping Reservations are available online; you can make reservations up to 6 months before your date of arrival.
-Maximum Stay limit during Summers is around 15 days; otherwise, 30 days
-All campsites include an $8 reservation fee
-The check-in and check-out times are 2 pm and 1 pm.

Lake Perris Campground Amenities

-Picnic tables, Fire rings, Foldable chairs, BBQ, and Many Sites with Full Hook-ups
-All campgrounds at lake Perris have Restrooms with Flush toilets, Piped water, and an Amphitheater
-All lake Perris Campgrounds have Coin-operated Showers
-All Campgrounds have a Dump station for those who are camping at Lake Perris
-Pets are allowed but should always be on a leash

Things to do during your lake Perris camping tour

Feel the Nature

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If you are a wildlife enthusiast, keep your camera ready Lake Perris is home to many different kinds of plants and animal species. You can always find bobcats, mule deer, rabbits, coyotes, quail, and snakes. Always keep your distance as some of these animals can be dangerous.

Swimming at lake Perris

Swimming is probably the most popular activity people love to do while camping at Lake Perris. the majority of the northwest part of the lake has sandy beaches And also have lifeguards who are on duty throughout the in-season months

Lake Perris boat rentals

While many lakes have boating restrictions on speed limits and boat sizes, lake Perris allows jet skiing and motorized boats. the boat ramp is located south of lake Perris campground

Fishing at lake Perris

Fishing is the most common activity while Perris lake camping; while there are some restrictions on what type of fish you can blowfish for, Lake Perris is a
fantastic place for those who love fishing. a lot of fishing tournaments are organized as well

Hiking at lake Perris

Lake Perris can be a great place who love hiking trails. At least Seven Hiking trails are within the park that ranges from under 3 to 9 miles.Some of the trails have an elevation of up to 2600ft above sea level, and you’ll be able to get good exercise while camping at Perris lake.

Ya’i Heki’ Regional Indian Museum

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If you have gone on a lake Perris camping trip during the cold or rainy season, visiting this museum can be a great indoor activity. It’s worth seeing, Ya’i Heki’ Regional Indian Museum was built in 1974 to depict the lives and culture of the Native Americans that resided in California.

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