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Are you planning a Lake Cachuma camping trip? If yes, then this guide is for you. Earlier last year, my friends and I decided to go for a Lake Cachuma camping trip; it was an excellent experience while camping at Lake Cachuma. While returning, I wrote a blog about my Cachuma Lake camping tour. I will include everything you need to know, i.e., lake Cachuma camping reservations, campgrounds, recreation areas, cabins, and more. So, let’s begin,

Cachuma Lake is located north of Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara Country Parks operates four Cachuma Lake campgrounds at the southern shore. They are famous for Cachuma Lake camping facilities (RV and tent camping, cabins, yurt camping, and group camping areas), natural activities (Eagle and wildlife lake cruises, trails and nature program, and the Neal Taylor nature’s center).

You can also participate in activities such as ( Fishing, Fishing Tournaments, Boat rentals, guided nature walks, Nature cruises, junior ranger programs, Visit the nearby wine tower, and kiteboarding at Leadbetter Beach); well, there are even more activities. You do, which I will explain below.

Lake Cachuma campgrounds offer more than 400 RVs, trailers, and tent campsites.

Dakota Area

This Area consists of a playground, Land Memorial Grove, Fireside Theater, and an excellent area to hang out with family; the only thing that is lacking is that there are no RV hookups or Campsites.

Barona Area

This Area Consists of a nature center That features local wildlife, plant communities, and more. The general store is also located in this Area and is stocked with groceries, gasoline, propane, camping equipment, etc. Most of the Campsites located in This Area Come with Full Hookups.

Apache Area

Apache area is excellent for playing golf and enjoying Pools; it Also consists of a snack shop and a Laundry Located nearby. It also comes with full hookup sites.

Mohawk Area

This Area is located on the eastern side of the campground at Martini Cove. You won’t find campsites with hookups in this Area.

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Cachuma Lake camping basics

  • Cachuma Lake campsites are located at an elevation of 900 feet.
  • There are a total number of 400 campsites in Cachuma Lake.
  • Almost 100 campsites have full hookups, and around 30 have only electric and water hookups.
  • Only a maximum number of 6 people are allowed per campsite ( including children)
  • Pets are allowed but should always be put on a leash.
  • Santa Barbara Country Parks operates the Cachuma Lake campground.
  • There is a 2-night minimum stay limit on Friday and Saturday and 3 nights during weekends.
  • Lake Cachuma also has 10 group camps for lake Cachuma Group camping.
  • There is also a hike & and bike site at Lake Cachuma Campground.
  • Lake Cachuma Have 10 Group Camping sites for sizes ranging from 38 -120
  • Group campsites have picnic tables, BBQ grills, food preparation Equipment, Electricity, and Piped Water.
  • Group Sites Charges from $220 to $840 per night depending on the size of the groups
Reservations at Cachuma Lake Campgrounds
Reservations availableReservations can be made for camping dates up to 6 months in advance.
Maximum Vehicle Length:any length
Accessible Sites:Accessible sites available
Fees:Basic campsites: $30 – $35
Full Hook-up sites: $50 – $55
Partial Hook-up sites: $45 – $50
Premium Lake-view sites: $45
Lower rates are from October through March.
Reservations:Cachuma Lake Campground Reservations
Check-in, Check-out:3:00 PM, 1:00 PM

Lake Cachuma Camping/Campsite fees

  • Basic Campsites Charges $15-$25
  •  Premium Lake View Campsites Charges $35-$45
  • Partial Hookup Campsites Charges $35
  • Full Hookup Campsites charges $50
  • Cachuma Lake campgrounds offer 10 group camping areas for a maximum of 120 people; they charge around $220-$600.
  • Lake Cachuma Yurt Camping Charges range from $50-$100 per night.
  • Vehicle charges are $4 for every 2nd Vehicle.
  • Pet Charges-$3 per day fee ( Max 2 Allowed )
  • Lake Cachuma RV Camping Charges $65 to $80 per night.

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Lake Cachuma Campground / Campsite Amenities

  • Most of the campsites have basic amenities like a pi.
  • cnic table, fire ring with grill, and Some sites with hookups ( water supply, electricity .)
  • All Campgrounds have a restroom with flush toilets, a laundromat, and general stores; they also have a swimming pool, theater, playground, and recreation hall.

5 Lake Cachuma Camping activities you’ll love!

1. Boat rental at Lake Cachuma

Although you cannot swim in Lake Cachuma as it is prohibited, you can rent a boat and have a spectacular view of the lake surrounded by beautiful mountains.

2. guided nature walks

You can get a guide for free at Lake Cachuma for a beautiful half-mile walk exploring the oak woodland and wilderness.

3. Nature cruise at Lake Cachuma

Lake Cachuma has a wide variety of wildlife and plant species; if you are a wildlife enthusiast, this is for you.

4. Junior ranger program

Kids love this program; it involves joining a park naturalist who offers information about the environment nearby. The kids earn badges each time they progress.

5. Fishing at Lake Cachuma

If you Love Fishing, this activity is for you. Many fish species, like bass, Trout, Catfish, Bluegill, and more are available. It’s a great way to keep family involved.

  • As regulated by the forest department, always buy firewood from local sources to prevent spreading disease and insects.
  • As Cachuma Lake is a source of drinking water, any Bodily contact with water is prohibited as directed by the state health department.
  • Pets must be on a leash or caged.
  • Quiet hours are from 10 pm to 7 pm; the generator won’t be allowed during this time.
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