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Recently My Friends and I decided to go on a June Lake camping trip. When we returned, many of my colleagues started questioning about camping June lake, June lake RV camping, June lake campgrounds, etc., So I decided to write a complete article on camping June lake.

June lake camping
Lake Camping

Some Important points about camping in June lake

-Be bear aware; always put all your food items in a bear-proof box provided by campsites or put them in your car
-while camping June lake, don’t feed any wild animals as the forest department restricts it
-Be ready to pay for your vehicle at campsites,
-The maximum you can stay is 14 days, not more than that.

Best June lake campgrounds for June Lake Camping

Well, I loved my June lake camping trip, but there are some things I wished I had known earlier. As far as I know, there are 6-7 June lake campgrounds out there, which I think is probably best for camping June lake

1) June Lake Campground

If you love fishing, the June lake campground can be heaven for you because this area has got some great fishing destinations out there. Not only fishing but you can do other great activities like boat rentals, sightseeing, hiking to the beautiful Ansel Adams Wilderness ( carry hiking boots ).June lake campground is also a doorway to other activities like riding scenic June mountain lift, visiting nearby mono or mammoth lake, you can also hike to the beautiful
fern lake, cycling along June lake loop road, is also a great option.

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some important points about June lake Campground/June Lake camping reservations /June lake camping RV/RV camping June lake

  1. June Lake Campground Reservations – whenever June lake campground is open, you can make a reservation up to 6 months in advance, mostly June lake camping RV starts from April (Suggestion: quickly book your slot as soon as you plan for a June lake camping trip)
  2. all campsites in June lake campground provide all necessary amenities for camping June lake.
  3. June lake camping reservations charge for camping in June lake campground is somewhere around $22.32 (+$2 during holidays)

2). Gull Lake Campground

gull lake campground is considered to be the smallest of all June lake campgrounds, as well as the most underrated one. What fascinates me the most is the views of the surroundings
if you want to spend some time with yourself that’s for you. It is also known as “Switzerland of the sierra” in local terms. It has also got some great picnic spots and a playground for kids

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Some important points about gull lake campground

  • Gull Lake Campground is perfect for those who wants to spend time with nature.
  • Gull lake Campground reservation charge is $22
  • Pets are allowed but always on a lease

3)Oh! Ridge Campground

Before we begin, here’s a Question – Do you Love Swimming? If yes, then this Oh Ridge Campground is just perfect for you. surrounded by a beautiful beach, it is just a great
a place to have fun with your family members, apart from this there are other activities as well you can try, some of them are boating, snow sports, climbing, off-roading(OHV)
paddling, horseback riding, hiking, and fishing.

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Some important points about Oh Ridge Campground

  • Oh! Ridge Campground reservation charge is $30 + $10 extra reservation charge
  • max 6 people allowed per site
  • Pets are allowed but always on a lease
  • all campsites in Oh Ridge Campground provide all necessary amenities for June lake camping

4)Reversed Creek Campground

Reversed Creek Campground sits at an elevation of 7,600 feet, surrounded by matured aspen trees. If you are looking for some personal space, camping here might be an option for you. Many wild animals like black bears, mountain lions, mule deer, pine marten, pika, and numerous birds and fishes can be sighted here.

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Some important points about Reversed Creek Campground

  • Reversed Creek Campground camping reservation charge is around $25
  • Reversed Creek campground are great for those who want to get some wild animals sightings.
  • be cautious when moving upwards to this campsite from a lower elevation

5)Silver lake campground

Silver lake campground is located between silver lake and the beautiful scenery of the Ansel wilderness in the eastern sierra. you can do a lot of activities here. silver lake campground
have some great restaurants as well as a lot of other great attractions. also nearby rush creek is also famous for fly fish

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Some important points about silver lake campground

  • Silver lake campground reservation charges start from $10 and can vary up to $50
  • Some amenities like Showers tap water are available in the silver lake campground

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best restaurants to visit during Camping June lake

June lake Brewing – One-stop Bear destination
The Silver lake café- Perfect family restaurant
Tiger Bar- Get hangover
Carson peak inn-Great Scenery
The life-the Ultimate Café

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