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Skye Sherman traveler author

Skye Sherman

Skye Sherman Is A Freelance Travel Writer Based In West Palm Beach, Florida, A (Rare) Fourth-Generation Floridian. After Completing An Internship At Palm Beach Illustrated And Graduating From College In 2016, She drove into Travel Writing, Testing The Waters By Growing Her Own Blog And Instagram. Upon Embarking On A Six-Month Trip Around The World As A Digital Nomad — And Eventually Diving Into Freelance Writing Full-Time — She Began Writing For Major Publications, Soon Seeing Her Byline In USA Today, Atlas Obscura, Matador Network, The Epoch Times, And Various Other Print And Digital Publications.

Skye Began Writing For Travel + Leisure In 2018 (Her First Assignment Was To Break The News About Florida’s Brightline Train Between Miami And Orlando And Was Due Back The Same Day). She Has Written For A Wide Variety Of Print And Digital Publications, spanning everything From Cover Stories On Up-And-Coming Actresses To Travelogues Of Cross-Country Train Rides To The Palm Beaches 30 Under 30 To Breaking News.

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Our mission is simple: to empower and inspire people to connect with nature through camping and traveling. We believe that spending time outdoors not only rejuvenates the mind, body, and soul but also fosters a deeper appreciation for the natural world around us. Through our comprehensive guides, gear reviews, and travel tips, we aim to make your outdoor experiences safe, enjoyable, and unforgettable.